Meet the team


Todd Koep

Founder - Lead Investigator

with over 25 years investigating haunted locations around the country. Todd’s earliest experiences happened around the age of 8 in his childhood home in Minnesota. From there his interest had grown into wanting to investigate and find out the truth about who is out there and why they are here. Todd also has an active paranormal investigation team located on Cape Cod that services residential, commercial and municipal clients located throughout New England.


Cindy Clough

Historian and Investigator

with over 10 years’ experience investigating haunted locations. Cindy has been investigating with Todd for over 10 years now and her interest in the paranormal started when she was a child. Cindy is sensitive to things that cannot be seen and has able to pick up on things before they make themselves known. Cindy’s interests include history and research, finding very old and cool relics at local thrift stores and helping with presenting evidence and telling stories of her encounters with the paranormal.


Susan Ahearn

Psychic Medium

with over 20 years’ experience investing the paranormal. Susan is very well known for her abilities to hone in on who and why these entities are at these locations. She has had her abilities since she was a little girl and it runs deep in her family.


David Faria

Investigator and Evidence Review

David comes with over 10 years’ experience investigating the paranormal. David started this journey as an investigator within the medical field. After some strange experiences he started researching the paranormal and has been part of two different teams in Massachusetts that specialize in residential and commercial cases.

Shannon Souza


Shannon is relatively new to the field however has had an interest for many years. She joined Todd’s Team back in 2019 and has loved this ever since. She has 3 kids and is very active in their lives as well as investigating the paranormal. Shannon will jump in the deep end and has even jumped into a hold below a haunted house to check out what was in there.