Event Information

Historical & Haunted Walking Tours – These consist of walking tours of some of the great main streets located on and off Cape Cod. These tours range in time and distance from 1.5 hours to 2 hours and will include a detailed history of local businesses and buildings. These tours could be upwards of a mile of walking and may be done in the dark depending on time of year. Please bring a voice recorder in case we happen to walk through an ancient cemetery. These are family friendly and take place outside so please dress appropriately.

Para-Events – These events will consist of talks where we will run through basic paranormal investigating techniques, go through some of our evidence that we have captured over our time of being active paranormal investigators and may include a mock investigation where we will show you how to use some of the equipment that we use to investigate some of the most haunted places in New England. Depending on locations these events may be held at a local restaurant, bar, Inn or other meeting location. These events may include food and drink but those that do will be posted so you will know in advance.

Group Investigations – These consist of bringing a group into a known haunted location and dive into a real paranormal investigation where we will be looking for and talking to various entities. These events will last anywhere from 3-6 hours depending on location and range in price accordingly. You will be able to use our proven techniques and advanced equipment to help you have a personal experience and hopefully catch something from the other side.

Paranormal Lockdown Overnights – For these events we will be renting out a very active location and we will be ghost hunting all night or at least until you decide you’ve had enough. Stay the whole night, if you dare or leave early, these will give you a lasting experience that you will share with your family and friends. You will utilize our equipment and we will be using our video and audio recorders all night long. As an add on you can request and purchase a professionally edited video of your experiences in these locations for an added cost.