1. Can or Do I need to bring my own equipment to investigate?

a. If you are coming to one of our group investigations or overnights, we strongly recommend bringing a flashlight at a minimum. You can bring your own equipment but keep in mind that we will be rotating, and extensive setup will make things more difficult. We will have some extra equipment available to use during these events. Please also feel free to bring an audio recorder to use to capture EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena)

2. Is there an age limit to your events?

a. We recommend that attendees be at least age 12 for the group investigations and overnights. The walking tours will be for all ages but it will be outdoors and we will be walking for at least a mile. If there are individuals that are under the age of 18 we ask that you have a parent or legal guardian with you at all times.

3. Do I need an actual ticket to the event?

a. We ask that you have a ticket available but we will be registering all attendees online so we should have a list of those that are in attendance.

4. Does my ticket include hotel or travel costs?

a. No unless specified in the itinerary. Tickets to the events are for the events only and other expenses like travel and lodging will be your own responsibility. We will be forming partnerships with lodging locations so stay tuned for any of those that pop up in the events section of our website.

5. I’m handicapped, are these locations handicap accessible?

a. Some of our locations will be handicap accessible but most are deemed historic and therefore not accessible. Please reach out to us before purchasing tickets to determine if the specific location has access for you.

6. How many people can attend the investigation portion of the event?

a. Depends on the location. Depending on the location and the size of the group we may split up into two or more groups.

7. What happens if I arrive late to an event?

a. We ask that you arrive on time as some of these events are timed to the minute. Our staff may also be hosting a group and will not be able to check you in. If you are going to arrive late we ask that you reach out to us ahead of time with a potential ETA so we know when to expect you. Just so you don’t miss out on the fun, we ask that you plan out your travel time ahead of time.

8. What do we do for inclement weather?

a. All indoor events will continue regardless of weather and outdoor may at times be cancelled due to extreme weather. We will keep you informed on our facebook page and our website.